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About Tucson

We are a free, public charter K-12 school with a small-school atmosphere and our staff members have worked together for many years. We frequently hold family events, and pride ourselves on creating a caring, supportive environment that also asks the best from our students.

 Our Philosophy

We emphasize a scientific approach, hands-on work, computer literacy and the ability of students to use data and articulate a thesis.


Our educational philosophy and approach to learning. STEM-focused education is not just about programs; it is about a STEM culture.

College Prep

College/career counseling – College prep programs — Advanced Placement courses – College information sessions – College campus visits – 4 Year plans – SAT/ACT prep classes – AVID School.


A rich variety of extracurriculars form an integral part of campus life. Current options include art, chess, basketball, soccer, volleyball, Student Council, and robotics.


Our closed campus, located at Sunset and La Cholla, includes two gyms/multi-purpose rooms MPRs), three computer labs, two art rooms, science labs, a soccer field, and a large playground.

Support for all students

All Sonoran Schools have specialist educators on staff for the following areas: English Learners – SPED – Academic Interventions. At all Sonoran Schools, every student is appropriately challenged to grow academically, emotionally, and socially.

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What Our Parents Say

My child has been attending SSA for three years and all I can say is that this school has been an inspiration for my child to reach his goals and to keep trying. My child has learned and taken interest in subjects he never took interest in before.

We have found the administration and the teachers very supportive and receptive to parental input. There are students from all different ethnic backgrounds and walks of life at this school and there is a general feeling of tolerance and respect among staff and students.

This school is safe, nurturing, diverse and has great teachers and staff. The teachers at the school are very encouraging, they push the kids to reach their potential. This school is extremely challenging and the teachers are highly qualified and very good. They have very high standards which most students will rise to.

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Donations can range from monetary donations, to specific items (e.g. science equipment; playground equipment), to tax credit contributions.

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