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AVID At Sonoran Schools

AVID College and Career Readiness program

What Is AVID?

AVID’s mission is to close the opportunity gap by preparing all students for college readiness and success in a global society. 

AVID At Sonoran Schools

AVID, Advancement Via Individual Determination, is a College and Career Readiness program that prepares students for success on their post-secondary journeys. AVID ensures that ALL students with college potential and aspirations are given access to rigorous curriculum and support structures in order to be successful not only in school but in future careers. AVID trained teachers come equipped with a plethora of effective teaching strategies that when embedded into daily lessons, across all content areas, helps to create more rigorous and engaging classrooms.

How Is AVID Implemented?

AVID is split into two focus areas: Elementary and Secondary.

AVID Elementary is focused on building the college and career culture from Kindergarten through Fifth grade. College banners and pennants can be seen throughout the buildings to infuse college awareness into the campus climate. Classroom teachers focus on teaching and reinforcing academic behaviors and skills through WICORized lessons and activities.

AVID Secondary, 6th-12th grade, builds on and adds to what students were learning and doing with AVID Elementary but adds an additional element with the AVID Elective class. Students enrolled in the AVID Elective class take on more rigorous coursework with the desire to attend college. The AVID Elective then provides additional academic, emotional, and social support in order to be successful in those courses and the future.


WICOR is an acronym that stands for Writing, Inquiry, Collaboration, Organization, and Reading. But, WICOR is more than just an acronym. It is a tool box of effective teaching and learning strategies that can be used across all content areas to create more rigorous and engaging classrooms. AVID trained teachers are given the resources to take their curriculum and WICORize it! In other words, they are taking their curriculum to a deeper level so their students can engage with complex texts, critically think, collaborate, and problem-solve.

WICOR is an integral part of both AVID Elementary and AVID Secondary implementation.

WICOR Overview.

The AVID Elective

The AVID Elective is an element of AVID Secondary and thus available for grades 6-12.

The AVID Elective’s purpose is to support students who are taking more rigorous coursework, such as AP and Honors classes. The AVID Elective consists of a specific core-curriculum at each grade level, peer study groups known as Tutorials, and team-building activities.

Each grade level has a core-curriculum that builds off of the skills from the previous grade level, as well as focusing on specific milestones for college acceptance. Students also learn and refine their collaboration skills through Tutorials twice a week. The Tutorial process helps students to hone in on specific questions they have and then guides them through an inquiry process to find solutions.

Finally, the AVID Elective helps build organization skills through binder checks; relational capacity through team-building and Fun Friday activities; and continues to build the culture around college and career through college campus field trips and guest speaker events.

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For questions about AVID at Sonoran Schools, please contact Ms. Heather Sulski, AVID Director: [email protected]

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