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The Mission of Sonoran Schools

Our Mission

The vision of Sonoran Schools is to be America’s premier STEM school organization, graduating future leaders, global citizens, and world-caliber talent.

The mission of Sonoran Schools is to foster critical thinking, engaging all students in a rigorous, STEM-focused, college-prep curriculum, delivered by a dedicated educational community that celebrates diversity, where students aspire to be tomorrow’s leaders.

Our Beliefs

we believe in

Every student can achieve high standards of learning

Every student deserves to be challenged.

Motivating our students to be life-long learners.

Innovative learning environment driven by continuous reflection.

The value of diversity and embrace understanding and respect.

Modeling integrity, honesty, and good character in all of our interactions.

We believe in, and foster, global citizenship.

Every student deserves a safe, caring, positive learning environment.

Our relationship with the school community is our most important resource.

All members of our school community deserve respect and have value.

We believe that our relationship with the school community is our most important resource.

Preparing students for success in life.

20 Years

of Excellence

Our Mission and Our Vision

Over the past 20 years, we have revisited our mission and vision statements about once every 5 years. While there have been verbiage changes over the years, the essence of what we believe and our commitment to that belief has remained constant: Prepare all students for success in career and life in our high-tech, 21 st century world.

A curriculum that is STEM-based emphasizes the application of knowledge to real life situations to help students learn.

The development of critical thinking skills in K-12 is the foundation of student learning, academic progress, and future workplace success. The importance of a college-prep curriculum extends far beyond the students who may ultimately apply to some of the nation’s most elite universities.

Everyone at Sonoran Schools has a role and responsibility in our mission, to our mission, and to delivering on our mission for the benefit of our students.

The skill of leadership is something from which anyone can benefit, but to be a leader, one must first be provided with the opportunity to lead. As an organization that celebrates all diversity – academic, socio-economic, cultural, and gender – the daily actions and reactions of each one of us must inspire, motivate, and empower students to embrace diversity and practice empathy as fundamentals of global citizenship.

Because all students deserve a great education that prepares them for a successful, productive life as a contributing member of our global society.

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Donations can range from monetary donations, to specific items (e.g. science equipment; playground equipment), to tax credit contributions.

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