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Arizona School Tax Credit Contribution Form

Thank you for supporting the programs at our school. Your contribution is greatly appreciated. Please complete the following, in its entirety, and deliver or mail to the school’s front office



First Name
Last Name
Mailing Address:
Apt #:
Zip Code:
Email Address

Select the areas you wish to support and the percent of your donation you want to go to your selection(s):

* Extracurricular Activity/Club:
Playground Equipment and Shade Structures:
Character Education:
Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) Training:
Standardized Testing Fees for College Readiness:
Student Consumable Health Supplies:
Acquisition of capital items (e.g. student transportation vehicles; athletics equipment):
*If you wish to specify the activity/club, please write the name of the club here:

If this contribution is to support a specific student in a specific activity or club, please specify the student and activity:

Student Name:
For Activity/Club::